Last Chance Video Premiere

We are finally wrapping up the Last Chance DVD, as well as locking down the first US premiere. DC Shoes stepped up huge for us and our team (they sponsor a big portion of the team) and decided to have it at their warehouse in Huntington Beach, Ca.  The premiere is open to everyone!  There will be multiple showings, so that everyone won’t be left out and not be able to see the video.  All ages are welcome too.  There will also be free alcoholic beverages (while supplies last of course) on hand for those of you that really want to party. Our whole team will be there, partying and mingling around with everyone.  Last Chance has been in the works for a long time and I know the guys feel relieved that it’s finally over and  just want to sit back and finally watch and party with everyone.
If you guys want to be the first to get the DVD, we’re going to be selling copies of the DVD at the premiere. Be a good time to have one signed by the whole team too… if you’re into that sort of thing.
See ya’ there!



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