Movin’ on Up

We’ve been in the same building in Buena Park, CA for the last 11 years and we finally outgrew it and moved on up to a bigger/ better building in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Gonna miss the good times we’ve had there and all the random homeless people sleeping in our boxes in Buena Park.  Adios.
We’ll have more news and pics of our new place asap.
p.s. For info on the above pic, click read more.

Our new address and number is:
13733 Milroy Pl,
Santa Fe Springs, CA. 90670.
PH: 714.690.6454

There’s a church that takes in homeless crackheads from the local area across from our warehouse.  We’ve seen crazy shit to say the least at that church.  Seen cars blown up from them having a camp fire in their car, crack deals gone bad, homeless women sleeping in our boxes to completely naked men walking down the street.  We’ve seen it all!  This knife has been in our planter for 8 years and nobody’s moved it since.  I figured it was from one of the crackheads.  We honestly don’t know why or how it got there.  Was it used in a fight, spread butter or used to cut our shrubs in our planter?  Who knows.  Thought we’d frame it and take it to our new building regardless.



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