NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 5 & 6

Day 5 was due to be one of the craziest days yet on the trip because it was the day the crew was suppose to go shred Catty woods. Unfortunatly for us weather had other plans so after a few tense hours of morning rain we made our way out to the trails to help get a couple lines running. What was looking like a rained out day turned out to be a pretty productive afternoon session at the best trails in the world. I’m sure the guys would have loved to ride that place for days as opposed to an afternoon but we are stoked that the weather held out long enough to squeeze in a short session. The next morning our wild and crazy guys, Dennis and Hucker had to head home early so we dropped them off at the airport and began the long drive from Bethlehem to Pittsburgh. Along the way we came across Gravity Hill, a weird roadside attraction where you magically roll uphill as if it were a downhill. Check out the photos from days 5 & 6 after the jump.



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