NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 9

Day 9 began with rain, and lots of it. So with that we decided to go site seeing around Pittsburgh and take it easy for the last day of the trip. We headed to a famous lookout that shows an awesome view of the city and it was at that point that the skys parted and the sun shinned for the rest of the day, Unfortuantley by that time the damage was done and the trails were soggy. But all in all the trip was amazing, we only got rained out twice so there was tons of riding, filming, and photos going down almost every day. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the trail locals for letting us ride, the shops we visited for being so welcoming!, Chris Doyle for helping to set this whole thing up and of course the all the riders who came on the trip and made it a success!



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