Biz’s Pro Part

Biz always comes through with solid parts and this one is definitely no different. Wide variety of stuff, which I always like to watch in a part too. That opener… I’ll leave it to Calvin and RIDE to finish the writeup >>
“Filming with Biz for this project was pretty relaxed I’m basically living on his couch so we could get up and ride any day of the week as long as the spot was weekday friendly. No injuries just good old fashioned clips for this part which was a nice change for what we do on a daily basis. I guess we filmed for like 6 months, I was in Australia for a month in between the filming process so there was a little break as for that it was pretty consistent film days. For those who don’t know, Biz is older than most Pro’s still riding at this high level so it was impressive to see and film these clips with him. It is with much honor to put this together for the world to see, many years ahead with Biz in our industry I’m sure of it. This is what a Pro Bmx rider looks like, don’t forget it.” – Calvin Kosovich



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