Couldn’t be anymore stoked to wake up today to see that our favorite pool thrasher, Andrew Lazaruk has a new edit drop over at DIG. 99% of the stuff he rides, videos just don’t do justice too. It’s all insanely tight and barely rideable. Watch now!

“Andrew can be found out in Silverlake, well groomed and looking like a Hollywood B list celebrity. But don’t be mistaken because the man knows how to get his hands dirty and when the lights, camera, action play out he will be shredding his BMX in any unsupervised pool in Southern California. Its always a pleasure heading out with Andrew and hitting various pools, ditches and wall ride spots stoked to have produced another little piece with him for the world to see. No pool is safe from this guy, cheers mate!” – Calvin Kosovich
Filmed and edited by Calvin Kosovich