The complete behind the scenes of Dennis Enarson’s CAPS LOCK video. Full of never before seen outtakes, crashes, struggles, and high fives. Get to see rare footage of what it takes to put together one of the best videos of the year.  We also asked Dennis a few questions about his filming process during his CAPS LOCK video below:

What was that one trick out of your whole video that got you stoked the most to finally get after being in your head for so long?
Probably the big barspin over the curb and down the stairs into the bridge. That spot is really close to my house and I talked myself in and out of it a bunch of times. I went and looked at it a couple times at night by myself, literally getting nervous just visualizing it. That was probably the scariest and sketchiest clip I filmed for it but felt the best to get done.

Was there a trick or spot that you wanted to get into the video that just didn’t make it in?
Ya there was three things I really wanted that I just didn’t get for different reasons. One of the clips I’m completely over for now, but I’m hyped to get the other two for the next part.

“That was probably the scariest and sketchiest clip I filmed for it but felt the best to get done.”

Seeing more banger online videos being by themselves as opposed to being in full length videos, would you rather have yours in a full length?
I honestly don’t think it matters. I would rather be filming with a crew and going on trips together working on the full length, but timing didn’t work out like that for this part, so it turned into a very independent project. Just me, the filmers, photographers and the homies. Still was a really cool way to go out, but I definitely love that crew vibe too where you are always on the road with the same dudes feeding off each other. As for the part coming out by itself, I don’t think that matters too much since most individual parts all end up online now anyways.

After watching your part, we were all impressed how well your bike held up to it all.  What trick or crash were you were surprised the most that nothing got jacked up, and kept rolling?
Yeah my Demo parts are all beast and it was nice to go about this project trusting all of them. All the eject off roofs and random bails were crazy to see everything stay almost unaffected. The Rig line can withstand the test fo show!