Our guys just finished up in Guadalajara, Mexico at the Vans BMX Pro Cup and as always the contest went off. Too many highlights to write out but took a couple videos from Vans and Vital BMX to give you guys an idea.

First place: Jason Watts.
Second Place: Larry Edgar
Third Place: Sergio Layos
Best Trick: Tommy Dugan, 360 bowl to bowl transfer
Best Line: Jamie Cooper-Ellis, elevated step down tranfsfer to big bow

Rest of Finals Results:
4. Kevin Peraza
5. Dennis Enarson
6. Gary Young
7.Corey Bohan
8. Pat Casey
9. Matt Cordova
10. Ben Wallace
11. Luis Medina
12. Jamie Cooper-Ellis
13. Corey Walsh
14. Cauan Madona
15. Dan Foley
16. Chris Doyle
17. Alex Hiam
18. Chase Hawk