Demolition & QBP Northwest Trails Trip ReUP

Kicking off 2014 BIG we’ve decided to re-post our latest trip edit stacked with a big crew, big trails, big air, and in the middle of BIG country, the great NorthWest. To try and make this trip happen in October may not have been the smartest mover ever, but with the crazy traveling schedules of Chris Doyle, Hucker, Rob Wise, Ronnie Napolitan, Dave Dillewaard and Kris Fox you can find yourself waiting for years for the perfect time to take a trip like this. So we “Threw Caution to the Wind” and embarked on this seemingly doomed trip anyway. After a soggy start the weather got on our side and we were able to session four amazing trails from Seattle all the way down south to Sacramento and the result of it all is this awesome edit put together by the man, Mike Mastroni. Keep an eye out for edit #2 from this awesome trip which should be dropping soon. Also be sure to check out the article from the trip in issue 197 of RideBMX!



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