When you hear that the NIKE bmx team and our own, Dennis Enarson is coming out with a new video, the obvious reaction is that it’s going to be insane and full of bangers. This one is just that, watch now!

“When we got the word that Nike’s Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds and Chad Kerley​ were flying over to Scotland in early April to ride with Kriss Kyle, our initial thoughts were, “No chance”, due to the inexplicable amount of wet weather we get here at our Glasgow HQ. However, when you have this crew of guys you really don’t have to worry – anything less than a typhoon and these lot would bag clips. The rain actually stayed off for the most part before they left for Italy to visit Simone Barraco’s hometown of Genoa for the second leg of their trip. Needless to say, what you are about to watch is just as savage as you’d expect – there’s really no point trying to prepare you with some highlights because everything is a “Whaddaah?!” Those last few clips though… jeez.” – DIG



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