Wow! Dennis Enarson’s new Down The Street edit is full savage. Banger after banger and all filmed within reach out of Dennis’ front door!  Watch now and also check out DIG’s interview with Doeby (filmer) and Dennis at too.  Photos by Brandon Means

“After living in the same general area of Eastern San Diego my entire life, I moved into a whole new area about a year and a half ago. Now I’m tucked in this neighborhood that seems to have limitless spots. Don’t get me wrong, my old hood was littered with setups as well, I was just jaded to them after going down the same streets for 23 years. Moving here got me so excited to explore. That is pretty much all I did when I had a chance. Any time I had a couple hours to spare I would just go up and down new streets, and it seemed like every time I did this I would find something new or just realize how close I lived to a spot that I already knew about.” —Dennis Enarson
Filmed/edited: Doeby Huynh





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