We don’t throw around the word “legend” too much around here but our good bud Mike Escamilla is definitely one that proves himself over and over again.
Growing up riding with Mike was always a treat, he was always riding full throttle and was never scared of anything he wanted to try. 20 something years later absolutely nothing has changed, maybe the slams hurt more but at his ripe young age he’s still sending it and loving every damn moment. His new United video was refreshing to see from him, especially to see some moves we haven’t seen from him in years. This isn’t just for the old guys, this video is f-n badass for everyone.

“We filmed this in 17 actual days over the past 3 months, in all of my years filming and riding I’ve never fought so hard against, weather, spots, schedules and injuries trying to film. I also never thought I would film a section again, so with that this is what we ended up with. It was fun to actually try and film again, so many great spots that most or nobody has ever seen. which finding them with the crew was truly the best part of making this edit. I wanna give a real thanks to Andrew Lazaruk and Brian Terada both who honestly helped so much making spots ridable do to weather or whatever. they did more work than I did. Without them it would not of happened in the small window we had to do it…this is for you boys! Cheers.” – Mike Escamilla
Filmed by Mike Mastroni, Calvin Kosovich, Paul Luna, Dallas Dunn | Music: Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Guns n Roses

Mike Escamilla – Caveman from DIGBMX on Vimeo.