Don’t see a lot of riding in Greece’s capital but leave it to Panos Manaras to ride there and kill everything he saw that was rideable. Video by: Kostas Mandilas Photos: Alex Grymanis

“Sun, traffic, monuments, graffiti, street musicians … these and so much characterize today’s Athens. But how does he experience Athens and the lively character that Panos Manaras exudes? After countless walks with BMX in central and unexplored spots in the capital, the 29-year-old rider captures true Athens through his own look at the video project “Athens Ride”. – Red Bull

“Through this video I wanted to show through my steering wheel, the city I live, the culture, the good and bad. It is impressive how this city moves in fast forward rhythms, combining a journey into history under the almost always present sun, traffic jams, the young and the fresh, lively side of today’s city.” – Panos



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