Tyler went back to Michigan for a few months this year and hooked up with his good friend and filmer, Dylan Thayer to make this gem. This video of Tyler definitely shows off his tech skills and spot usage all around Michigan. Filmed and edited by: Dylan Thayer

How long did you film for this video?

I went back to Michigan a few months ago and filmed on and off for about 3 weeks with my good friend Dylan Thayer. He has a full time job and I was there dedicating time to family as well so I am stoked on what we got in such a short amount of time. And then the last week im pretty sure I broke my toe so that was it after that haha.

What’s it like going home and finding new things to ride and film?

Well, I usually only go home for the month of December. So its actually been about 6-7 years since i’ve been there in the summer was able to ride outside. It was amazing, and I feel like i got a new appreciation for my home state. Definitely gonna make it a promise to go home every year during the summer.

West coast or East coast spots?

Ahhh, thats tough. Even though I grew up somewhere else, I have definitely filmed a lot more on the West coast so im gonna have to stick with that.

Being an all around rider, do you have a preference between street or transition riding?

I would say that I have always had an equal passion for both. But the style of street that I love usually involves landing flat and falling hard in order to get the clip haha. But, im sure everybody knows I don’t have the best track record the last few years with injuries. After my spine surgery the street riding has slowed down a lot. Now its either small fun techy street stuff, or ride some transition. Which I absolutely love. You can definitely tell when im stoked on a certain style of riding based on my instagram clips haha.

What do you have going on for the remainder of the year?

So… recently in the last few months I’ve been experiencing some crazy physical and mental health issues that I was unable to figure out for the longest time. I ended up getting a bunch of tests done to see whats going on. Its been a long process but come to find out, I had been exposed to a few different types of mold in my house and started developing high levels of mold in my body. Super random, and super crazy. But, I am now on the way back up and stoked on just living again. My main focus is get back to 100% and go even further than I was health wise, and just be stoked again. Travel, ride bikes, surf, eat good food, smile, have fun, love.

Demolition Parts: Tyler Fernengel Back In Michigan