Had the pleasure to tag along the other day on one of Mike Escamilla’s pool adventures and to meet up with Jason Enns and Andrew Lazaruk in the beautiful city of Hemet, CA.
Mike’s adventures are hardly normal and you’re guaranteed to see and do things you normally wouldn’t see or do, and you’ll usually end up somewhere you probably don’t belong.
Mike also had a videographer, Frazier recording his every movement and wise-crack (him and Enns are relentless to each other).  It kinda reminded me of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character in Along Came Polly where they were filming his every move for his VH1 special. It’ll be very funny, be on the lookout for that at DIG, you know that’s going to be entertaining.
Our first stop was at a backyard oasis that I had no idea would be so epic.  Apparently the owner, Shelly Abbott, is an avid fan of cement (family business) and knows the ins and outs of every pool in Hemet.  We could have spent all day in her backyard but also went to 3 others that were either abandoned, or looked like they were on their way.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; pool riding is f-n gnarly and photos and videos do it no justice.  The amount of vert, depth and imperfections a pool has would scare the piss out of most riders that don’t regularly ride it.
I originally went on the adventure to solely shoot Jason for a new Volume bikes project but ended up with a ton of photos of all the guys shredding all day.
Always stoked to come back with a productive day and something to show you guys of how rad bmx is when you leave your house and your own city to go on an adventure with your friends for the day.
Huge thanks to Shelly for showing us around and the hospitality!
Take a look below at our day in photos. All photos by B.Castillo

Over 30 Pool Day: Mike escaping death from the boars head

Over 30 Pool Day: Lazar can air the piss outta any pool!

Over 30 Pool Day: Mike getting a tooth in the deep end

30 AND OVER POOL PARTY: Demolition wheel to the face from Lazar



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