A Sunday With Rob and Tate

Woodward Week is over but Tate and Rob didn’t fly back to SLC till Sunday night. So we cruised around Southern California, hit up some schools, ate some mexican food and waited for their flight to come around. We even got to pay a visit to this famous Castillo spot. Rob felt inspired so he fired out this timeless fufanu to pay tribute to a Legendary school. Check the rest of the photos from the day after the jump.

Stoked to session my old high school with two of the most creative riders in the game!

Lunch courtesy of El Taco!

This thing was sick, I just had to get a photo

Sunken City

Tate exploring the sunken city.

We rode all the way till the last possible minute, and as a consequence Rob and Tate had to pack their bikes at the last spot in oder to get to the airport in time.



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