Christian Rigal’s Traveling Through Instagram

Christian has been globe trotting the past few months and if you didn’t already know he is straight addicted to Instagram. So I though put two and two together and see what he’s been up to the past few months through eye of Instagram. The last page has his instagram info so make sure to click through to the end all follow Christian!

Left: Taking off for an early morning flight to Simple Session, first stop, Amsterdam.
Right: Amsterdam’s city is so active, people just love being outside and riding bikes around. I love this place.

Trying to get my nose divers back at a really fun park by the beach in Argentina. Keep an eye out for an upcoming article and edit from that trip too!

Left:This little guy was running around at the spot and I couldn’t help myself but to go an kick it with him. Definitely the cutest dog in Argentina.
Right: Remember when I said people in Amsterdam love to ride bikes? Well this is there version of a bike rack, so wild!

Left: Racing around on an old school Honda CT90, brings back memories from when i was a kid haha.
Right: We found a perfectly made sling shot on the beach and presided to try and shoot rocks at Bensonin the ocean. Good times.

This was the first shop stop/signing we did and the kids were so hyped! Some of them drove over 26 hours to come and get an autograph, I couldn’t believe that. Stocked we were able to give back a bit and kick it with all the kids out there.

Left: We rode by this rail hop at a college in Argentina and it looked too fun to pass up. Martinez coming through with the photo.
Right Two: This street clown was terrible. He managed to have a whole block of people watching him for hours and they were all dying. It was so weird. I had to hit him with a MARKIT sticker once he let his guard down.

Left: A common scene for us in Argentina, just cruising the streets with a massive crew in the beautiful weather.
Right: And then there’s us riding home in the snow after Simple Sesson’s in Estonia. The bus broke down and Benny L talked us into riding back somehow. Coldest ride of my life!

Left: Our first long drive of the United Argentina trip on our way to Mar Del Plata. Crews out cold!
Right: Not quite as roomy as the van was, now were all packed in the bus heading to the contest. You’ve gotta get in that bus as fast as you can or you’ll be standing/sitting on bikes for nice 20 minute drive. Not fun.

First demo in Argentina was a rough one for me. I took a real hard slam to my stomach and had to visit the gnarliest hospital I’ve ever been to for an ultrasound. Luckily I was okay.

Left:Enjoying our last day on the beach with some local beers and a solid crew. Mar Del Plata was a serious treat!
Right Two: Estonia is know for 3 things, an amazing contest, gorgeous women, and the night life. This was the bar on the final night of the trip, so crazy! This is a common scene in the lobby of the hotel at Simple Session’s. Your always gonna run into someone you know and everyone is usually drinking. haha,

Amsterdam is filled with canals and boats every couple of blocks. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone make it out out there at some point in your lives.

Left: This clip felt like a demo! Haha. It didn’t take long for kids to hear that we were in town and see us riding around the city. This was by far the heaviest crew and it had to happen to me.
Right: Some how we got lucky enough to see all of the hottest girls in Argentina in one crew. This was awesome.

This was the final demo and definitely the biggest crowd yet. The Bmx scene in Argentina is massive, this kids were stoked!



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