DIG just put up a cool photo gallery with our man, Dallas Dunn and features a few of his photos of BMX, and non BMX photos. There’s a couple of our man, Kris Fox in there too. Check out the full gallery at digbmx.com.

“Dallas Dunn wasn’t a name that was familiar to me until recently, but it made sense once I got talking to him and discovered that he’d drifted away from BMX for a few years.  He found his his way back in 2015 and his photos have been popping up all over in the time since. When he’s not out exploring with his son, he is a regular fixture amongst the trail, park, and pool sessions in the Island Empire and Orange County, capturing some stunning images with Kris Fox, Nathan Sykes, Corey Walsh, and more.  Proud to share a bit of his work here, and be sure to follow Dallas on Instagram to keep up with all his future adventures.” – DIG