Dave Dillewaard Checking In

Dave has been traveling like mad this summer which makes it pretty much impossible to know where he is at any given time. Good thing for us email follows a person everywhere, so as long as your in reach of an internet connection your only a few seconds away. And because Dave is a master of locating internet connections, he was able to send through this update on his whereabouts! Click on the post to see more.

Hey guys,
Just got back from a trip to Davenport Iowa. I went out there for a famous stars and straps demo at a opening for Tillys in a mall. It was a sweet ramp set up they had with 2 quarters a step up box and a spine. We did a hour demo and the locals were stoked cause you know they haven’t had something like that happen in their mall before!

Next up for me is Vans Kill the Line contest in France at the end of the month. Can’t wait for that!




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