When you hear secret anything from your friends, you don’t know what to think but when you hear about a secret jam coming from Mike Escamilla you know it’s going to be something worthwhile.  Mike is known for crazy adventures and making everyone he knows jealous of all his journeys that are documented on his Instagram account, so you know it’s not going to be the usual jam.  Mike told us what was going on beforehand, due to Demolition having a the most riders in attendance at the jam but the riders themselves knew nothing till the morning of the event.
The venue for the secret jam was at a massive mansion in Sunland, CA that holds one of the biggest private pools (250,000 gal) in the US and has been heavily sessioned by skaters and bikers these last few years for obvious reasons.  The mansion has quite a extravagant history with past owners and is one of the craziest sights we’ve ever seen or have ridden at.
Once the guys saw everyone roll in, it was more of a feeling of friends riding together than any sort of jam, GoPro shoot or anything like that.  Our guys Chris Doyle, Tyler Fernengel, Dennis Enarson and older Demolition rider Dave Osato were all stoked to see each other there.  Once the day got rolling with the GoPro filmers and Mike as the host got ready for their live feed on the RIDEbmx site, the guys took runs till the sun set.  Everyone in attendance went absolutely nuts and held nothing back like it was some sort of big contest event.
The best part for us was to see old and new riders riding together and having a good time at an insane venue that they would have never got to do on their own or at any other jam/ contest format.  Huge thanks to Mike for his vision on making the impossible possible and to everyone that rode.  These guys killed it all day long!  Check out our guys below and be on the lookout for a bigger DIG feature very soon.  All photos by Brian Castillo. 

“It says a lot about the impact that Rooftop has had on BMX when 4 different generations of accomplished BMXers drop everything to attend a jam that they know quite literally nothing about… only the word that Rooftop has a big surprise for everyone involved. Personally, I was beyond flattered to have been one of the invited riders. Looking around the pool and seeing young modern day heroes like Tyler Fernengal and Dennis Enarson sitting on the deck with legends (and I don’t use the word, “legend” lightly) like Dave Osato and Dave Freimuth was something that I will not soon forget. Big ups to Rooftop for putting on something original, fun, and progressive – we need things like this now more than ever!” – Chris Doyle

“Rooftops secret pool party was insane. Getting the opportunity to ride with some of my best friends and legends who I have never met but always looked up to, on top of being at a location only 10 of us will ever get to ride was so mind blowing. Thanks Mike!!” – Tyler Fernengel

Rooftop's Secret Pool Party: Doyle sunglass whip off launch to deep end

“Such an honor getting invited to a one of a kind event like that with riders I’ve looked up to my whole life! One of the coolest days of my life for sure.” – Dennis Enarson

Rooftop's Secret Pool Party: Dennis wall to whip

Rooftop's Secret Pool Party: Dave Osato whip nosepick!!




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