Demolition Pre-Woodward Week, Day 2

It’s the day before we head out to Woodward and we decided to ride some street in the 909 with Biz Enns, and Dillewaard. Counting those three, we had 7 demo riders all together today which is so sick, left to right we got Dillewaard, Aboy, Enns, Doyle, Gabe, Russ, Mastroni(Demo Filmer) and BIZ. These guys all have some serious riding skills, but they can also bust chops with the best of them, so you know there were plenty of good laughs and good riding throughout the day. Check out more photos from the day after the jump.

The AM feed.

We got to the first park in Riverside and it was blazing hot out, we then noticed the pool next door opening up. One thing lead to another and Doyle was boosting and showboating all at the same time…

Aboy’s daily bike maintenance sesh.

Biz unlocking the fun so the games may begin…

Gabe and Russ staring down the mini

Doyle taking the reins…

Serious Battles!!



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