Demolition Woodward Week, Day 5

Sad day at camp for some and a happy day for others. Russ, Chris, Aaron and Gabe all had to say their goodbyes today as they are heading back home. Everybody had an awesome time so although they were bummed to say goodbye they were excited to come back sometime soon. And with one crew leaving another arrives. A few hours after the guys left, Tate, Rob and Stevie arrived at camp for their turn at camp life. Check the rest of the day’s photos after the jump

Russ spent as much time hanging with the campers as he could while he was here, so before he left he had to say one more goodbye to all of them during their AM instruction.

Dropping off our Long Island Rasta friend at an LAX terminal, till next time Barone!

Tate, Rob and Stevie were all pumped to finally get out of the van and into the camp life, welcome to Woodward fellas.



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