Drew Checking In and Checking Out

Drew just returned from his European vacation where he spent a few weeks roaming around with the Griswold’s and filming for The Hunt. And because the internet over there just isn’t up to snuff, Drew had to wait till he got stateside before sending the bulk of his photos from the trip. The photos here are a few snaps from his time in Strasbourg and Amsterdam, including the above photo, where Drew has seemed to meet up with several locals that look to be his relatives… Here is what Drew had to say,

“From Strasbourg we headed to Amsterdam. The red light district is what it is but the city has a lot more to offer than that. We hopped on the ferry that took us to a little island with a nice little skatepark that made for a quick but fun session. We took another ferry to one of the best parks I have ever seen. It was located in the back of a giant shipbuilding hanger. We showed up as the park as the park was closing but the owner let us have a quick session for free.” -DH

Check back in a few days for the rest of the snaps from his European Vacation. Check out the photos after the jump

One of the best parks I have ever seen…

Over seas Over tooth

Strasbourg Cathedral


Ferry Life



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