Back when BMX was just a bad pimple that was about to explode on “extreme sports ass” there were always a handful of riders that kept at it and didn’t give a shit about money, sponsors or talking shit on their Commodore 64, they just rode cause it was fun and cause none of it existed in BMX.  It was dead!  Back then, if you saw or knew of a core rider, you were automatically friends and had an immediate bond.  Being the grom in the group since I was younger than these guys (above), they still let me in their circle.  Even with the ridicule, it was all worth it…
Lil’ off my topic but I wanted to paint a picture of how it was back then and how Sean Yarroll and Keith Treanor changed the way I rode in that era and the impact they had on not only my riding but riding in general.
To describe them both back in that era wouldn’t do either of them justice.  Lets just say they “lived it” and have the stories to tell today.  What’s even better is that at 40+ both of them still ride and still have that style/ tricks that I remembered both of them had.  It’s crazy to think we all rode together 18 something years ago and still ride together today with just as much fun, maybe even more… just a lil’ bit more pain the next morning. Click the top pic to view their picture gallery on the Demolition ramps.



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