Josh Perry Checking In

Our good homie and Demo shredder, Josh Perry, sent through an awesome update on what he has been up to lately, which from the sounds of it is a whole hell of a lot! Here is what he had to say.

“Been on the road every weekend doing shows for Creative Sports for Walmarts and festivals. Been to North East Maine, Northern Michigan, Oklahoma, as well as NH and Mass. About to head out to Indiana this weekend for some more. Also went to Tennessee for a halftime show! I got a chance to take a helicopter ride for the first time and that was so sick! Went golfing for the first time as well and that was pretty funny. When I am home I been riding the Animal House and Jay-Cee park and had a chance to ride some local guys back yard dirt jumps and that was a blast.” – Josh

Be sure to keep and eye out for Josh shredding parks trails or shows in a town near you! And if you are lucky enough to run into him be sure to stop him and say whats up, he’s one of the raddest dudes out there!



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