Mr. Lodes Checking In

“Whats up dudes?  Been doing a bunch of stuff lately, so I figured I’d check in! Been going on a bunch of trips all over to San Antonio, New Mexico, and just got home from San Francisco. I’m home for a few weeks and while I’ve been home I’ve been meeting up with Miles Rogoish and stacking clips a bar promo coming out soon. Here are a few photos filming for it! On the 1st I’ll be heading out to England for a few weeks for a new Ride to Glory, that will be awesome! Then I go kick it for a few days and watch X-Games in Barcelona and meet up with all the Markit dudes and enjoy our last trip in Spain before the deadline! Cant wait for that trip haha! Peace out dudes! Go ride your bikes!” – CL

Click on the post and be sure to check out another awesome photo that Connor sent in with his update. Photos by Chris Martinez.



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