NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 3 and 4

Day 3 and 4 of the trip are in the books and have kept up with the pace that this stacked crew set early on in the trip. Tuesday started off at a delicious bagel breakfast spot and ended at SuperFly’s jump in Long Island, Keyko. Those trails were rad and the locals all came out to chill with us and have some laughs. Can’t thank Supes enough for letting the crew get out there and session for the afternoon.
Yesterday brought us to Action Wheels in Bethlehem, PA. Those dudes we sooo sick and have such a solid scene that they made us feel right at home as soon as we got there. We hung out at the shop for a bit, signing autographs and giving out stickers, until we all rolled down the road to the local skate plaza for a session with the locals. Once there we saw one of the craziest bunnyhop contests ever where one kid sheered his stem clean off and then we ended the session with a little rain and a product toss. HUGE thanks goes out to Action Wheels and the awesome dudes that run that shop for their hospitality and for showing us such a great time!!



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