This Parker Heath wallpaper is already a classic in my eyes, for a few reasons: The feeble is crazy with little to no run-up and is a sick hubba ledge, and the Jake Ryan 944 Porsche (from 16 Candles) out front makes it that much cooler of a photo. Hit the photo to go big or save to your desktop.  Photo by @rattymatyphotos

Less than a block away. Parker mentioned this blue ledge to me casually one day when he was picking me up for a session. He had been sweating it for a lil bit and when it finally went down, something hit me; feeling lost in the moment, less than a block away from my apartment. The countless times I’ve walked past this heading to coffee or my dog RockSea has pissed on the walls. Now we are enjoying this sweet moment together and I can see my truck parked in the lot. Haha, it was just a nice calming sense that came. The shred can happen anywhere. – Maty