Photo Gallery: Japan Through Dennis’ Eyes

The start of our BIG VLM X Demolition Japan trip, Dennis came up with a rad idea to him shoot some b-roll photos/ behind the scenes.  Since he’s been messing with his film camera for some time now and was honestly curious of what Dennis sees with his eyes, we just couldn’t resist.  After the jump is a slew of photos shot by Dennis while on the road in Japan.  Click top photo or view more to see the whole gallery.
p.s. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the whole Japan edit here.

japan through dennis' eyes

“I’ve been shooting photos of my trips for years now, and when I go back and look at a printed film photo it always brings back the best memories. I figured there would be no better trip to shoot of some film, then out Japan with this crew. I tried to get a bunch of photos to show the vibe of the trip when riding and doing everything else we did on the other side of the world.” – Dennis Enarson
japan through dennis' eyes18
japan through dennis' eyes



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