Russ Barone’s Fish Vs Long

The question comes up a lot when shooting riding photos, do I shoot this long lens or fisheye? Most of the time there is a clearly better angle so the decision is obvious, but sometimes its looks good both ways and you just gotta pick one. And then there are the occasions where the photo you chose to shoot looks great and then the rider to wants to do it again, you get the opportunity to shoot both to see what looks better.

This was and is the situation with these photos I shot of Russ Barone during a session at Panamoka during Demolition’s Trails Trip last year. Russ was cranking these lookbacks like nothing so I was able to shoot both angles and see what was better. I’m leaning towards the fisheye version but be sure to click on the link and check out both versions BIG to see for yourself. You can click on either version and save them as your new desktop wallpaper, YOUR STOKED!

Fishy Fish

Longy Long



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