Shred The Rez Photos

Just realized that we now have enough photos from the Shred The Rez contest last weekend from Pala skatepark for a cool gallery.  Our guys in attendance, Jason Enns, Matt Cordova, Kris Fox and Australian rider, Jacman Hinss all rode and got some photos of from the day.  Some were taken from Shad over at Snake Bite courtesy of Nathan Sykes too.  I’ve never been out to Pala, CA but knew I was close when an Indian kid without a helmet and shirt was doing a wheelie on the sidewalk as I was turning onto the main drag.  Guess anything goes out there on the indian reservation?  Thanks for putting on a great and fun contest Keith Treanor and Dave Brumlow, BMX needs more of this!  Check out more to view what was captured that day. 



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