Tea and Biscuits Update

Another day of tea and biscuits. Today we went to Alpha BMX shop and Stoke Street Plaza. Shop owner Al Munger went to town and arranged a full on event, complete with insurance, a gazebo, power, music, water and some MILFS!

– Russell made at least 500 cups of tea today
– Lots of things got signed, including but not limited to; foreheads, rat tails and scooters
– Hucker demanded that the next time we have a tour we include on the flier the line “Bring your mom”
– Hucker got street and ditched his brakes
– He also killed the bowl before ejecting at full height and killing his back
– Then he flirted with a ginger police lady
– A grown man approached me and said “Can you please introduce me to Chris Doyle, I’m more nervous about talking to him than I am about talking to girls.”
– Hucker bought a bottle of Jack from a bar at £90 (approx $145)

Now we’re off to London Town for Dub Jam. . . – Elephant Distribution
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