Ticos and Tamales: the final post

Day 4 of Ticos and Tamales was awesome, we rode street all throughout San Jose and got to really take in the city, the locals and the spots. Then as I’m sure many of you have heard our trip came to a screeching halt when all our camera bags along with Connor’s bag were stolen out of the back of our van while at the local BMX contest. Getting all your most precious belongings stolen from you when you least expect it is never the way you want to end a trip but unfortunately for us this is the way this trip has wrapped up. We will be here in Costa Rica for a few more days but we’re pretty much confined to watching DVDs and gambling at the local casino until we leave. We have had tons of support from the local BMX community and want to thank them for their hospitality while we have been in their country. Pura Vida COSTA RICA! The next time we see each other it will be happier times!



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