Winter Ditch Days

So with most of the country frozen solid, Aboy and Doyle made the westward winter migration to California to get out of the cold for a while and ride some good spots with good friends for some guaranteed good times! The streets during the week are a bust so we kept to parks and ditches mostly and lucky for us Enns has the Inland Empire on lock and had no shortage of spots for us to ride. Drew Hosselton was also in town and with BIZ in attendance as well the session shaped up to be one hell of a good time! Between Enns “Tate Grinding on Aboy’s bike”, hockey shit talking between Penguins and Canucks fans, and the elusive Indian Air from Biz it was near impossible to stop laughing long enough to actually ride. Good thing these guys are all true professionals and can get some sick riding done in between the laughs. Be sure to check out all the photos from out Winter Ditch Days gallery by clicking on the post.



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