Demolition Woodward Week, Day 7

Woodward week has come to an end and I can’t even begin to think about all the fun we had throughout the week, huge thanks goes out to Woodward as well as all the Demo riders that came out to make it a sucsessful week. After we left camp, Rob, Tate and I headed out towards Bakersfield for some spot searching. We found a few decent things but for sure the highlight of the day was Dewar’s Ice Cream shop. This place was awesome, check out what Rob dared to order after the jump!

I had to get one last little jib in before we left camp, Smith around the target. Photo courtesy of Josh Clemens

Tate getting his stretch on before the sesh.


Tate, feeling out possibilities

I can’t believe Rob actually ordered this insane banana split.

I was even more surprised when he killed it in five minutes!



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