New Rogue wheel is out now. D. Enarson has been on it for awhile now and absolutely swears by it!  Clean, simple yet still affordable.  What more could you ask for.



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  • fernando castillo

    i will like you guys to do videos of the new products like hubs and doing hub sound checks and things like that for the people that hesitate befor buying something like me jajajaand also whats the real weight of the rogue hub? does it sound loud? in the dans comp catalog says that it weighs 14.4 ounzes and in this website weighs 17.9 or 17.8 something like that and im not shure because im looking for lightness. i will be really satisfied if someone from this website answer me these questions, thanks 🙂

  • admin

    I agree, I think a video of the hubs will be really cool. We’ll work on that and get it up asap. With the 4 pawl driver, it’s fairly loud. Thats’ weird that Dans has them at 17.8 oz. I just double checked our scale again and they are 14.4 oz. Sorry for the confusion.

  • brad

    fernando, demolition designs and builds there hubs to perform the best, they do not worry about what they sound like. dans comp on the other hand with the weight issue, dans is trying to sell there product, demolition is telling you what it is. always go by what the manufacter says

  • fernando castillo

    ok brad, i have to accept that what you just said is really clever and is true but! i like loud hubs i just like that and i am looking for low weight on my bike so you’ll see why im i asking these questions, i just liked the hub and i wanted to make sure that i will be buying something that i like, caus i live en panama republic en the center of america and there is NO BMX STORES IN HERE! we have to order so…

  • chaz

    i just got this hub about a week ago and i love it, but i kinda want to convert to a female hub so i was wondering if this hub has the same internals as an odyssey v3 cassette

    • Brian

      Sorry, I don’t know if the Odyssey internals will work with ours. We will have the female axle kits out by next month. We’ll have an update on the site asap.

    • Brian

      You can get the Rogue wheel at any of your favorite mail order company or feel free to call us for a shop nearest you. The wheel MSRP is around $189

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