RIDEbmx has up a new Know Your Roll feature on our signature Biz RotatoR freecoaster wheel. Good lil writeup and photos, check it out at 

“When freecoasters began gaining popularity amongst the street riding world around 10ish years ago, a common occurrence by a segment of the BMX population was to deride pros making the switch to a coaster from a cassette hub. You see, there were people then & still people now that believe the lack of backpedaling when riding backwards is seen as “cheating”, much like the argument for steel vs. plastic pegs. Ryan “Biz” Jordan, already a legendary rider at that point & even more so now, was one of the guys I recall unjustly catching shit when he first made the move. At this point, most of us with a brain have given up on that argument, and especially now that coasters have become more reliable and more affordable, riders everywhere continue to make the switch. Demolition embraced the movement years ago & continue to cater to those making the move with their Rotator V2 Pro freecoaster wheel, cosigned by longtime team member Biz himself.” – RIDE