The Dennis Enarson Rig Line Interview

Dennis’ Rig line has officially all landed and we couldn’t be more stoked to get them out there and have you guys just as stoked on them as us.  These 3 parts have been through the ringer with multiple heavy hitters, and Dennis himself, riding them all year.  Dennis would not let us get them out there till the parts went through full testing and he was 100% satisfied with how they came out.  Between his busy schedule we we caught up with Dennis about his new Rig line for a mini interview about the parts and what goes into each one.  Hit more to see/ read more.

Been on a mad tear lately on the contest circuit.  How you holding up?
This summer has been filled with plenty of contests, that’s for sure, but I’m holding up pretty well. It keeps me motivated going to these things because of the new courses we get to shred, getting to travel to awesome spots all over, and hanging with friends from all over the world that I don’t get to see too often. I was hurt the last couple summers so I’m just trying to get in everything that I can this summer.


How did the RIG name come to be?
We always called the MARKIT bus the RIG, so I kinda just rolled with that.

How involved were you in designing or spec-ing out your signature products?
I was as involved as I possibly could be. They are my signature parts, so I wanted to make them exactly what I wanted.  It’s an honor to get my name on these Demolition products, so making sure they were exactly what I wanted was key for me.


Obviously strength being is the #1 priority when designing a product for yourself, but what would be #2 on your list?
Strength is by far my biggest concern. I don’t want to ever hear that somebody broke one of my parts and got hurt, and I never want to be thinking, “I hope nothing snaps” before I’m about to try something sketchy. Once strength is all tested and dialed in, then my number 2 priority in these parts is looks. We all want our bikes looking good, and the first way to do that is to have good looking parts.

When testing a product do you try and get the part to your homies to get feedback from them as well, or can you tell right away that you like it and go from there?
I love asking other riders opinions, that’s the only real way to see if people other than me are into the parts. With this whole RIG line, Castillo would send me prototype parts, as well as a bunch of extras, so I could give them out to the homies and have them give me feedback and test them out with me. I really like doing it that way because the more heads you have involved with an idea, the better, and you’re always getting ideas and feedback that you wouldn’t come up with on your own.


What sets your bar out from others, or some highlights you really like about it?
Honestly, not much besides strength. You can find bars pretty close to the same size and dimensions as mine, but I have beat the hell out of my Rig bars and I promise they can hold up like no other!

The cranks are a special one for us since they seem to last the test of time.  How long have you been on these samples now?  What was the gnarliest thing you’ve done with them where you thought “this is the one drop that’s going to break these things?”
It is so amazing to have as much trust in cranks as I do with these bad boys. I have been testing these samples coming up on a year now and I still have faith in them. The beefiness of them also is the best for catching whips. As soon as I got on these cranks my arch bruises in my feet went right away. No more tooth pick cranks for me after being on these RIG cranks. I’ve done a bunch of stuff to where I thought my 180 pound self was going to blast through those cranks, but they prove me wrong every time.

What do you think sets apart your Rig tire compared to some others you’ve ridden?  I know you’ve said that compound sticks like crazy right out of the box.  For me, I’ve been on the same tires since the first sample and I don’t think they wear down as fast as others.  Is that the same for you?  When designing the tire, you wanted an all around tire.  How does it do in the streets/ trails?
These tires are on point, and everybody I’ve given them to agrees. They stick like glue right when you put them on. Normally tires have a slippery oil on them when they are fresh, but these things grip. Really, put a pair on and take a carve and you will see. I was rubbing my pegs on the ground the first day I put them on, and I have never been able to do that with any other tires in my life. I agree with them lasting a long time too. I think the rubber compound is just right, or something, because these last me longer then any other tire I have ridden. The tire is all around too. It rides great on everything and doesn’t have a direction which is perfect because everybody is going backwards now with their coasters, so you need to grip in reverse, right?


Anything else you want to add or new coming out?
Just wanted to say thanks to Demolition for letting me create this signature line with them. I can’t wait to add and improve the line throughout the years.

Check out the full specs/ details on each of the product pages here:  Rig Bar / Rig Tire / Rig Crank