What You Missed At Interbike 2015

If you missed some of the product videos from Interbike 2015, don’t be too bummed.  This post is a recap of all our new goods we’re excited about, and wanted to show off in their true form without the ‘Sin City’ distractions.
The Tyler Fernengel Paradise line is one line we’re very proud of.  The Tripod/ Pivotal seats, top load stems (50mm long/ 35mm high), and bars (8.75 & 9″ tall) all came out amazing and in true ‘Tyler form’ they went right to the test.  We have a quick summary on each new item after the jump here >>
Rob Wise’s old Elite forks are getting retired and getting replace by the Monarch (remember his last stem?), and are coming out early 2016. The biggest feature that we’re excited about is the 30mm investment casted dropouts.

For all you that know a true racer, you’ll know that they take their bike and equipment very serious. When we got with Kris regarding a signature fork, he went into full detail on what he wanted and came out with one amazing strong, and damn good looking fork. That 28mm offset dropout is a work of art, the wrap around and deboss/ emboss logos add to the simple aesthetics of the fork too.

Dennis Enarson will have a full line very soon with the way things are looking. That is only a good thing in our books! His new top load Rig stem (53mm long/ 32mm high) is something Dennis drew up that is simple in design but strong for ‘Dennis’ every day riding’, which is insane by everyone else’s standards.

Our Markit X Demolition collab products got expanded that much more due to the new barend caps that all the Markit guys are already swearing by. They have been asking for these all last year and decided to go for it this coming year.



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