Ground Recon – Richardson Bike Mart

Working with Local Bike Shops day in and day out, we get to know lots of people from around the country who support us and their local BMX scene. It’s always awesome to build friendships and expand our world with people we never would have gotten to know just from pedaling down the street, but to be brought together under a common thread of BMX even though there could be a thousand mile gap. So, in an effort to share those people with you and get the word out about what they’re doing locally for BMX we have this thing called Ground Recon we’ve done in the past. On deck for this round, we get to know our man Quentin (on the right after the jump) from Richardson Bike Mart in Texas. Hit the jump to get to know more about his scene and follow him on twitter (@qtbmx)….

The Basics. Shop name, location/address, hours, phone number, website?

Richardson Bike Mart
1451 W. Campbell Rd.
Richardson, Texas
Open 7 Days a week Monday- Friday 10-7 Summer Hours 10-8 Saturday 9-6 Sunday 12-5

The Story. When did the shop start & what inspired it, or where did the idea to start a shop come from?
“The shop started originally in 1962 but our current owner purchased it and changed the name to Richardson Bike Mart in 1980. Our mission has always been to help our community understand and love bike riding by providing great service from our staff and support all forms of cycling. We sponsored our first BMX team in 1983 and have been helping our scene grow each and every year.”

The Players. Who are the key people that keep the doors open, from employees to team riders?
“The key people who keep our doors open are the normal everyday rider. We may be a large shop but we understand most of our customer base is not “pro level” and we embrace that.”

The Scene. What’s the BMX scene in your area like? And what’s the craziest story throughout the years?
“The BMX scene in our area is very well rounded. We have lots of good street spots, skateparks, and trails. It ensures our inventory in the store has a little something for everyone. One of the craziest things I’ve seen is setting up our box jump lip at an elementary school show and letting one of the RBMX guys tailwhip over his truck to flat.”

The Future. What do you have planned for the immediate future?
“We have an upcoming RBMX team trip as well as an edit soon to follow. We will also be doing some shirts, stickers, and contests within the next few months. Stay tuned.”



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