A Month On The Road With Chris Doyle

Doyle has been on the road for a month now. Traveling with D.C., Nike Pool Contest, a Kink trip, and winning FISE. He are a few words from the man himself along with some photo’s.

“I just returned home from being on the road for an entire month. My trip started with ‘The Pool’ contest in London followed by 2.5 weeks of good times on DC’s “Roughing It” tour. Then, I left directly from the “Roughing It” tour and flew directly to France for the FISE contest and a week on the road for a Kink trails trip. I’m tired and road worn but all in all I had great times on each phase of my journey”.

Doesn’t get any better than a Doyle 360 tuck!

Well maybe a Doyle 360 turndown.

Hanging with with friends in France.