Aarron Smith Admits to Juicing!

Anyone that knows Aaron Smith knows that he’s a health nut and he takes his special juices and nutrition very serious.  He recently let me know that he’s opening his very own juice bar up in the Boston area and since I don’t know anything about juices/ smoothies, I was interested in hearing what he’s up to and his juices in general.  Pic above is of Aaron barspinning into a steep ass bank right after downing a fresh smoothie.  Pic by J.Cobbs. Good read, hit read more to read/ see it all.  

What got you into making your own juices at first?
I’ve always been into eating well and doing whatever it takes to stay healthy. Juicing or making a smoothie just makes it easier to get a lot of fruits and veggies in your diet.

Why start your own, you have any secret/ special ingredients?
The east coast ( Massachusetts and New Hampshire) don’t have too many juice bar spots. LA, NY, Chicago are all popping off with them right now, so I wanted to get in before the juice phase hit here. I talked to my dad about it, and he was hyped. He was looking to get out of his current business so we decided to go for it and go in as partners.

Since I don’t know anything about juicing or whatever, talk me into it. What are the health benefits?
Everyone knows you are suppose to eat your fruits and vegetables, our parents have been telling us that our whole lives. It’s best to eat whole foods, not processed, GMO, refined, hormone injected foods, that just aren’t giving you any nutrients. Like I said above, juicing just makes it easier to consume more fruits and veggies. Being able to get a variety of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet will eventually give you more energy and an overall happier life.

What went into getting the building or the ups and downs of it so far?
When I first started looking I wanted to start one in Boston. I almost had the space and battled for it for a couple months, but in the end, a Starbucks moved in instead. So I couldn’t find another spot that was affordable and in a good location so I started to look in Portsmouth. Portsmouth is in NH, it’s a beachy tourist town, so I knew if I could find something it would be a good place. I found a spot, and we just started working on it February 1st. So far it’s been pretty smooth.

The biggest question kids will ask is, “are you going to working behind the counter everyday?”
I’m definitely going to be back there making sure everything is going the way I want it to. For the first few months I will be putting some heavy hours in. Hopefully over time I can get a trustworthy staff and not have to be there 24/7. Only time will tell though.  Obviously I will still be riding, I just can’t leave for months at a time like I used to.

What’s the address, phone, site and when will it open?
55 Congress St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801

www.freshpressNE.com The websites not built yet but that’s the url




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