Check in with Enns

Jason sent us an update on some of the projects he’s working on and from the sounds of it he’s been on the move! Here is what he had to say.

“Yo dudes, just checking in,hope you all survived interbike. I was back in Canada for awhile this summer which was awesome. Im back home now and getting started on a split demolition edit with Biz and been filming for a Lotek edit as well. Here’s a pic from a project im working on with the one and only Mike Escamilla. hop in to slide ride to no hands-Photo by Mike Escamilla” – JE

Be sure to click the image so you can properly see and appreciate this crazy looking tuck no hander and be sure to check back to the site for updates on Jason’s split demo edit with his homie and yours, Ryan “Biz” Jordan.



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