Just got an update from Christian on what he’s been up to and what’s going on with his new United part.
What’s up guys?  I’ve been back home in SD healing up from a lame little crash I had before Christmas, I tweaked my wrist pretty damn good so I haven’t been able to ride too hard on it yet. Luckily its getting better and I managed to meet up with Fudger the other day an shoot a photo for RIDE that I’m really hyped on! I’ve always got random gear in my truck when I’m out in the streets but this day felt like I was packing up for trails haha. Keep an eye out for that in an upcoming issue of RIDE BMX! Definitely stoked be able to jib around but I seriously can’t wait until It feels good again! I’ve only got until Feb 1st to wrap up my United part, so fingers crossed this thing comes back to life in the next few days so I can go out an try my luck for a few more clips! – Christian



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