Dany Josa is one busy guy, even when he’s out with an injury.  Below is proof that he doesn’t sit back and watch old episodes of Alf all day on TV.

I have been injured and I am 5 weeks in with my injury. Officially I am out for one more week but I’ll give it 2 more just in case. I have been doing a lot of physio and work outs lately. Other than that I am hanging with family and went to visit my brother in Amsterdam.  I have also been judging local contests in Hungary mtb and bmx.  I will be riding at Fise in Croatia in 3 weeks too.  Then after that back to back weekends until the end of August here in Europe for contests and trips. Going to Latvia for Ghetto Games, Ukraine for ZGames, Barcelona to film, Vigo, Spain for O’Marisquino, Lords Of Dirt in France, some kind of Dirt jam in Slovenia too.  Then I am back in the Game in 2 weeks.  I am in Velvet (distributor) at least 2-3 times a week and helping out with the shop ordering and stocking things.  I have a lot of travels planned for the next 4-5 months in different continents. – Danny Josa



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