I first saw Danny Josa from the discover page on Instagram from one of his random photos that he put up. His photos seemed to be on point and he seemed to do a good job at marketing himself. I try and not follow too many guys but thought this kid had something unique and since he travels the world, puts up interesting photos, and is friends with half our team, it only made since to get to know the kid. Danny later hit us up to possibly ride for Demolition and with his schedule always being pretty hectic we never really connected. Over time he stayed in contact and finally set up a meeting and we later got him on as a Hungary distribution rider through Velvart BMX. We are very stoked to have Danny apart of the team and get him involved with some good things to come in Hungary and wherever else he goes…
I got to shoot Danny at the new Vans Huntington Beach park the day after he got all our goods on his bike, and Kris Fox wrote a really great piece about Danny below too.  


I have a memory of being sprawled out next to the Woodward West foam pit on a make shift foam bed struggling through some Woodward West blues: the feeling one acquires after one accidently over rides themself to the point where each muscle is in agony, blood soaked shins have ruined all the socks and jeans one packed, and the hand’s calluses can’t even endure a slight gust of wind. Then all of a sudden a fresh face bounced into the Hanger and began making the rounds of introducing himself. He pedaled over to my lounge in progress, shook my hand, and introduced himself as Danny Josa. His demeanor was sincere. He gave a devoted effort into really understanding whose name was who’s as well as how everyone’s day was going. He radiated positivity.

On a bike he was an absolute ripper. A very casual – yet calculated – riding style. His bike control was crisp: landing high on all the ramps, flowing around the entire park at a comfortable speed, and seemed to get some satisfaction out of whipping his bike around anytime he left the ground. He wasn’t afraid of really big tricks either and had them dialed in enough to fire them off at his leisure. What got me all around stoked was his humble approach toward everything as a whole. It was obvious he was having fun and developed a deep enjoyment for riding a bike. He treated the kid just learning how to ride and meeting a PRO for the first time the same way he treated an actual top name PRO getting ready for a major contest. Everyone was equal to him. The welcoming aura he gave off snapped me out of my blues and got me on my bike. We both enjoyed a fun casual session among many other amazing bike riders and friends.

“Beneath the passport stamps and jetlag lies a vital heartbeat to the Hungarian BMX scene”

Moving past that day and into the months and years to follow, Danny became a regular fixture in the Southern California scene. BMX – as it always does – began bringing us all together more frequently and over time we all developed a strong friendship traveling the world with one another.

When Brian informed me that he was considering adding Danny to the Demolition International team I had no objections. All of us here in Southern California are so used to having him around because he is such an avid traveler, but beneath the passport stamps and jetlag lies a vital heartbeat to the Hungarian BMX scene. Danny plays a massive role in keeping Hungary on the map in regards to BMX. He pays a dignified respect to his roots anytime he gets a chance and that all translates back into his sincerity as a person.

Congrats on being named to the Demolition International team, Danny. – KRIS FOX





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