Our man from Hungary, Danny Josa is busier than ever and he’s still broke off from his last big crash where he fractured his femur.  Holy cow, this kid does not slow down.  Proof is in the pudding as they say… 

Hey Guys,
So here is my 2016 summer story:
I came to Budapest, Hungary in early may to travel around Europe for most of the events and go on some road trips over the summer. As soon as I got to Hungary I left the next day to go on a trip with my brother and my friend Robert by car and drove to Fise Montpellier hitting up spots to ride in Austria, Italy, and France. On the way there then after Fise went to Spain, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany, Austria then back to Hungary. Then a week later I went to back to Germany for a dirt contest where we rode a skatepark close to the event where dew to an unfortunate crash I fractured my femur and had to get immediate surgery there and stayed in the hospital for a week. These seemed to set me back from riding for a few months which i shortly found out that it sure did for 3 months. This didn’t hold me back from traveling although I was really bummed that
I can’t ride for quite a long time, the whole summer. 1 week in the hospital in bed then 3 weeks on crutches then 6 weeks of physical therapy. Throughout this whole process we found 2 unexpected cracks on my femur next to the rod that was put inside my bone. This set me back an extra 4 weeks in addition to the original healing time. But at this point I was able to walk normally and had no complaints or pain but I was just not allowed to jump but could cruise and pedal on my bike. While I was healing I went to Amsterdam, Netherlands, Riga, Latvia for Ghetto Games (where I was judging), Osijek, Croatia for Fise (where i was doing Fise’s social media) then Barcelona, Spain, Vigo, Spain for Omarisquino then back to Hungary again. After all this in 3 months I have been back in Hungary for a few days now and today I just got the great news from my doctor on todays checkup that i am clear to ride and got the green light to go. I am all healed up and ready to boogie again! Couldn’t be any happier now!
So After nearly spending 4 months in Europe experiencing many things in a good and bad way I did nothing but learned from it.
Next week on monday the 29th I am flying back to California then straight to Denver, Colorado for Fise to begin the fall season. Here are a few photos from my summer. Hope you like them. – Danny Josa





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