Doyle Update From Bean Town

Always love getting team update emails from the guys. Cool to see what they’re up to and what they’re currently working on too. Got a good one from Doyle earlier today, and with photos too! Click more for the photo gallery.
“Little update for ya! Greetings from Bean Town! I’ve spent the last week in the New England region enjoying the crispy fall weather and gathering footage for Kink Bikes’ up coming video project, “Intervention” – I’m happy with how my part is shaping up so far! A big THANK YOU to Dan Coller and Jake Petruchik for being fun and motivating to film with. Thanks to Lee Hopkins for showing us around Boston and shooting pics. Lastly, thanks to my Demolition teammate, Aaron Smith and The Fresh Press for being gracious hosts! “Intervention” will be released early 2016!” – Chris Doyle. All pics were taken by Lee Hopkins (@leehopkins_)




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