The forming of the Fast and Loose crew first formed during their Northwest trip and is all documented by our man, Matt Cordova.  The full feature is now up at DIG, be sure to click over at to check out Matt’s writeup and photos. 

“It’s no secret that there is an everlasting style within BMX that embodies simplicity with nothing more than high speed and nerves of steel. The ‘FAST and LOOSE’ crew does exactly that, keeping BMX fun and simple these riders take their levels of riding to any terrain; this time it’s strictly some of the best dirt and concrete transition around. In the common visual of BMX today we often see a style of riding which is much slower and lower than a lot of what has come before – a style that has no connection with the ambition and skill of this fine line up of trail and tranny shredders. Matt Cordova, Jason Watts, Kris Fox, Corey Walsh, Cody Pollard, Angie Marino and of course, Dylan Lewis all hopped in a caravan after the Vans Pro Cup Finals in Huntington Beach and headed up to the Pacific Northwest, traveling in search of new terrain, big air, and good times.”