Fernengel Friday


RideBMX just put up their  “Rise From Demise” spread with Tyler Fernengel from the January/February 2015 issue of the magazine. It covers Tyler searching out spots with RideBMX for some picturesque photos in the desolate areas of the recently bankrupt Detroit, MI. It’s a great read, and they added some unseen photos that never made it into the mag. Some fun facts from the article: Tyler gets hot dogs with Eminem down on 8 Mile  on the reg, and Detroit averages 14 cases of arson a day (only one of these is true). Tyler is an unbelievable rider, and combining that with the beautifully decrepit scenery and black/white photos just makes it an awesome article. Check it out <HERE>. AND, a Happy 19th Birthday to the Fern!




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